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Description:   Taxi Service in Vancouver and area
Web site (URL):
Phone:   604-831-1111, 604-683-6666
Province:   British Columbia
Address:   1275 W 75th Avenue Vancouver, BC
Maclure's Cabs (1984) Ltd
604-831-1111, 604-683-6666
1275 W 75th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6P 3G4 provides Taxi cabs for Vancouver and area: Richmond BC, New Westminster BC, North Vancouver, Burnaby BC, Surrey BC, Coquitlam BC and Vancouver International Airport YVR.
Services provided:
Telephone-dispatched taxi service
City of Vancouver and Area Tours
Vancouver Taxi Courier Service
Jumpstart Start Service Vancouver
Wheelchair Taxi
Vancouver International Airport YVR Taxi Service
Predated Taxi Orders
Taxi Service for Parties in Vancouver and area
Convention Taxi Service
Contract Service
Pickup and Delivery Courier Service
Servicing Vancouver and area: North Vancouver, Richmond BC, Burnaby BC, Surrey BC, New Westminster BC, Coquitlam BC

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