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Convert kph to mph

This calculator converts kph to mph (kilometers per hour to miles per hour) and vice versa - mph to kph.

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One mile per hour (mph) is defined as 1.609344 km per hour (kph). This unit of measurement is widely used in the United States to indicate vehicle or aircraft speed and traffic speed limits. Canadian traffic speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour. US interstate highways are limited at 65, 70 and sometimes 75 mph (104, 112 and 120 kph) depending on particular state. A typical traffic speed limit on Canadian 400-series highways is 100 kmh that is about 62 mph.This online calculator provides conversion of kph to mph and vice versa.

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20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

12.43 18.64 24.85 31.07 37.28 43.50 49.71 55.92 62.14

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