Convert MPG to L/100KM Online Calculator
Convert MPG to L/100km
Online Calculator

This calculator converts US MPG to L/100km (Miles per Gallons to Liters per 100 km ) and vice versa - L/KM to MPG.

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One US Mile Per Gallon (MPG) is defined as 235.214583 liters per 100KM . This measurement unit is mainly used in US automotive industry and american automarket to indicate fuel consumption (sometimes also called fuel economy) of cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, limos and minivans. This online calculator provides conversion of MPG to L/100KM and vice versa. Smaller engines usually give better gas consumption numbers, it's a trade-off of less engine power and less dynamical acceleration rate.

Sample Conversion Chart
Make 2018 Toyota Corolla
2018 Honda Civic
2018 Ford Focus
2.0 L
2018 Mazda 3
2.0 L
Engine power,

132 158 151 150
27.67/35.64 27.67/39.2 30.16/41.27 27.67/37.94
8.5/6.6 8.5/6.0 7.8/5.7 8.5/6.2

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